Is there anything more annoying than a dog that does not come when called?

Standing there looking at you. Knowing he is faster than you and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s cute in movies. Not so much when you only have 5 minutes to spare and you have to get to work.

When we get a call for “my dog does not come when called” type of behavior, it can range anywhere from my dog comes to me only when there are treats to my dog will not come to me even if I was holding a steak while he has a squirrel on his mind.

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We teach dogs to come as soon as you call.

In our Train as you live™ dog training system we view the Come command as The Lifesaver, and expect and train your dog to come as soon as you call….. Not only if there are no better alternatives.

Upon graduation you can expect excellent recall of your dog with major distractions. For example, recalling your Beagle Off Leash in the woods.

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My dog has tapped into its primal rage!

Aggression is a tough issue and covers a wide variety of problem behaviors. We have worked with a range of dog aggression from dogs who are aggressive only when on a leash to dogs who have attacked their owners several times over food, toys, and going into their kennels. Although aggression is a normal part of a dog’s life, it is never acceptable in a family setting, especially when we have small children and other animals.

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Diffuse the situation

All living things (other than plants) have a potential for aggression inside them. Even the most peaceful mom will turn into a wild tiger in the event of someone harming her child. Therefore when we’re dealing with aggression we’re dealing with triggers and providing our dogs with different ways to deal with these triggers that produce aggressive behavior.

In our Train as you live™ dog training system, we help your dog deal with situations that once produced aggressive behavior, replacing it with acceptable behavior.

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Constant barking is like a car alarm that does nothing but annoy everyone.

Everyone agrees that when they are at work and some weirdo is looking through their windows, they expect and hope, that their dogs will bark at that weirdo. Yes most dogs bark. So the “issue” with Dog Barking is never “the barking” itself. The issue is when your dog doesn’t know when NOT to Bark. When your dog is barking for the wrong thing and at the wrong time, to prevent annoying you and your neighbors, most people put their dog up/ to another room/ garage/ crate, etc. This will cause a variety of issues. Essentially, your dog will live separate from the family and not be able to protect your home because she is constantly being put up somewhere.

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Teaching our dog NOT to bark.

Over the years we have worked with Excessive Barking issues ranging anywhere from dogs who have howled only when left alone, to dogs constantly barking no matter what’s going on. In our Train as You Live™ dog training system we understand the dog’s need and sometimes essential purpose to bark. So we teach our dogs the meaning of the “Quiet” command, then to teach our dogs when to be “Quiet.” Think about it. a dog that is constantly barking is like that car alarm that goes off at Starbucks parking lot that does nothing but annoy everyone.

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“Pulling on a leash while walking” is the most common behavior problem.

We’ve had clients, before they joined Off Leash Dog Training, whos' dogs pulled on the leash so much that their owner ended up slipping and falling resulting in sometimes seriously injured hands, knees, ankles and even with a couple cases of shoulder injuries requiring surgery.

Leash pulling issues can range anywhere from your dog slightly pulling on the leash during part of the walk to your dog outright dragging you for the entire walk. Yes, it is true that your dog dragging you is annoying, frustrating, and often embarrassing, but the real problem with your dog pulling on the leash is SAFETY.

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Don't deny your dog the chance to be a part of the family.

Although you will not need a leash once your dog graduates from the Off Leash Dog Training program, most communities have leash laws regardless of the obedience level of dogs, so we do teach loose leash walking, along with our complete off leash obedience in our training programs.

The key things your dog will learn are:
  1. To understand the leash pressure
  2. To see the human as the leader of the pack
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Dogs whose favorite past time is running away are the most annoying.

When people call us for Running Away issues, the problem behavior for the dog ranges anywhere from the dog playing “catch me if you can” in the front yard to the owners literally not being able to keep their dog outdoors and/or off leash for fear of their dog never coming back.

Of course the biggest problem with your dog running away is SAFETY. Safety for the well being of your dog, as well as your neighbors, and other people your dog may come across. Although you may know your dog is the friendliest in your neighborhood, a 4 year old the next street over who is deathly afraid of dogs may not be as confident on your dog’s friendliness.

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Our approach to the running away problem is in 3 parts.

  1. teaching your dogs the boundaries/borders of the free area (yard or owner), she learns her area and remain there.
  2. teaching your dog a strong recall. Where your dog learns to leave whatever exciting thing and return to her owner.
  3. show your dog that being with you is fun. This is where your dog understands by being with you and listening to you, she gets more freedom instead of running away freedom.

We have 100% success rate on people who have used our Train as you live™ dog training system for running away issues.

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There is NO higher disrespect in dog language than humping.

Probably the most embarrassing think your dog can do is humping. Although it makes great comedy, the reality of humping is dominance. When a dog humps, he clearly says I own you/ or whatever he is humping. Its a loud and clear sign of dominance. If your dog humps you he is demonstrating that he does NOT respect you, Period.

Naturally when your dog does not respect you this will lead to a host of other issues Chiefly NOT listening to you when needed.

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You are the Alpha Dog, nobody humps the Alpha Dog

In Our dogs are family concept, respect is the cornerstone of establishing proper ranking and respect amongst members of the group. Your dog will respect your position and the authority resulting in a balanced relationship and that leads to an obedient dog.

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Thank you letters

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When we decided it was time for us to add a dog to our family, we put a lot of research into what breed would best suit us and our lifestyle. It was also very important to us that our dog be well behaved and obedient, so we again did research into what training was available. We decided to talk with Turk at Off Leash Training after seeing some of his demonstrations on TV and the internet. After meeting with Turk and getting a one-on-one demonstration, we knew that he offered what we were looking for. We started our private lessons with trainer Seth when our puppy Izzy was 4 1/2 months old.

From the beginning Seth has not only worked with Izzy, but with the two of us to understand the hows and whys of getting her to do what we wanted in a way she could understand. Seth is gifted in seeing things from the dogs perspective and showing us a solution to teach her in a way that she understands. He has taught us that to get the results you want, you…

- Jean, Dianne & Izzy Read the Rest

Almost instantly our stubborn (but cute!) boxer, Tink, made drastic improvements. We went from being terrified that she would get run over by a car every time she “escaped” from the house to being able to walk our dog off leash!! Turk and his team are truly amazing dog trainers and really fun to work with! Tink used to jump on everyone that visited our house. Most importantly, we have been trained to be good dog owners and effective pack leaders in the process as well. We have learned how to handle our highly energetic, crazy (in a good way!) dog…if any one has a boxer, you know what I am talking about! As a result, our house is a much calmer, happier place now. In addition, through Off Leash Dog Training in Charlotte we have had the opportunity to continue training Tink with group lessons. These dog training group lessons are extremely helpful, and it is great to meet with other dog loving people in Charlotte who may be having the same issues. Just the other week, Tink…

- Casey, Jon & Tink Read the Rest

Ginger has been transformed from being the Object d’Alpha in this household to having more freedom than ever because of the amazing work you did with her during her two week stay with you and Jill, 7, Djembe and Zilli.

As you know, Vizslas are a special breed. Ginger is sweet, gentle, loyal, driven, focused, highly intelligent and likes to be in charge. And she was! Now she is even sweeter, equally as gentle, loyal beyond words, driven, very focused and I’m in charge. And it’s easy! Life in our place is stress free and full of doggie love. As you may remember, I parked my car at Frazier Park just in front of your truck with 7 inside, along with a client’s Boxer. Ginger pulled me across the grass to see you, to lick your face and say hello. When you came over to evaluate Ginger you noticed my copy of the Alchemist and told me you read it once a year. It was at that moment I understood what kind of a person you are, and I asked…

- The Charnes & Ginger Read the Rest

Thank you so much for “showing us the light.” In the few short weeks you spent with us and Riley it was amazing watching her transform from Mrs. Hyde to Dr. Jekyll.

Before meeting you our dog was a mess: an uncontrolled, hyperactive, head-of-the-house, on top of the world 1 _ year old Weim. Running her 2 miles a day and taking her on multiple walks was just not enough to calm her down and get her to act the way we always envisioned the perfect dog to act. From jumping on and “attacking” any visitors with excitement to dragging my poor wife to the ground during walks, our dog was terrible. When taking her into any pet store in Charlotte, Riley would constantly jump on us, other customers and knock everything over in excitement. The final straw was getting a call from Emily one morning after Riley had once again had her way with her during their walk, dragging her for miles and not responding to any type of command, we decided it was time for professional dog training.

- The Magees & Riley Read the Rest

We have two beautiful border collies Cody and Kyla. We love having the high energy, agility, and the intelligence of the border collies. We wanted to have even more bonding with them and explore the world with them even more. Before Turk ,Kyla would want to walk ahead of the pack, would not come and would rather pay attention to other things than me. Now when we walk I just lay the leash over my shoulders and we walk together in a pack formation. When we walk around the neighborhood people are commenting on how well behaved our dogs are and how they wish their dogs would walk like ours. It is hard to explain in words the bond I now feel with my dogs. It is an amazing feeling that just increases every time we go out. Kyla just got the go ahead on her search and rescue training and we are so excited. Now not only will we be able to bond and share in the joy of her, but others will too. The training is amazing…

- KC, Cody & Kyla Read the Rest

This is a long overdue thank you, but Turk, You have changed my life.(And Cash’s) I was almost to the point of trying to find Cash a new home, when I took a gamble on another training method. I figured since the PetSmart “training” did NOTHING but waste $200 for me and Cash, this would be a similar experience. Boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong! After the first lesson, Cash was already easier to deal with. I actually started running my house instead of Cash! He never used to be a welcome guest when I would go to my parent’s or friend’s house. Now, Cash gets invited and I can tag along! He and I are living such a happy life together now. I can take him anywhere, and be totally comfortable that he won’t do anything out of line. It is just life altering. I get stopped all the time by people in the neighborhood asking how I got my dog to be so respectful and mindful! I brag and gloat and show Cash off all the…

- Katie & Cash Read the Rest

After Eleanor bit Annie’s friend who stopped by our house we were out of answers. This was the final straw. After five years of dog aggression, struggling to go on walks, and only having our closest friends and family over (those that were not scared at least) we were at our wits end. We knew Eleanor was a sweet dog, but her behavior outside of our home and around strangers was unacceptable. At the demo I could immediately tell that Turk knew his way around dogs. Eleanor took to him very quickly and he had answers to all the questions we could ask. We were immediately able to tell a difference with Eleanor after the first few lessons. I am happy to say that after a few weeks we are able to walk with Eleanor off leash anywhere in Charlotte (we used a pronged collar, gentle leader, and a harness and all we got out of it was injuries to our dog); guests can come over to our house without the fear of being attacked, she listens to commands…

- The Laughlins & Eleanor Read the Rest

Here is a quick note thanking you for your unbelievable work in helping me train my dog. 1.5yr Vizsla super-charged pup, Diego. Prior to your program, Diego was an unruly beast who mistakenly thought he was the alpha. He’d bark at strangers, jump on visitors, steal food off the counter. Worst yet, he was becoming increasingly more unreliable with the most important of commands “Come!”, and I was worried about his safety. Diego was frequently earning his nickname Diablo. Our hikes were decreasing in frequency and length because “Diablo” was pulling heavily on-leash, despite having an easy leader/halti that would eventually rub his snout raw (literally on long hikes…). With an increasing adolescent storm of misbehavior, I realized that I needed to do something or I’d never have the kind of relationship I wanted with my dog – an obedient, well mannered, and reliable off leash dog that I could show off to visitors, and not wince with anticipation of what he was going to do next. In only three 1-hour sessions, what you did with Diego is nothing…

- Bryan & Diego Read the Rest

We have an almost-2-year-old Yorkshire/Rat terrier mix named Arthur. Before his (and our) dog training,he was hyper, food aggressive, a submissive pee-er, and pulled on the leash like a one-dog dogsled team making record time across the Arctic. In short, everything you would expect of a terrier. We had tried other puppy training courses, books, and videos, and while he could sit/down/stay when he wanted to, he obviously didn’t think of us as pack leaders, and made it abundantly clear that he respected us only for our food-providing abilities. When we started training our dog with Turk, we noticed an almost immediate shift in Arthur’s personality. By the end of the first week, he was walking contentedly on a loose leash, slightly behind us, and rarely pulling or trying to chase squirrels. Over the course of the program he became almost like a new dog, no longer aggressive with his food or bones, calmer and more loving, and we’re even able to prevent the urination when he meets new people and dogs! On or off the leash, he…

- Erin, Jen & Arthur Read the Rest

Did you realize when you chose your profession of dog training that you were going to do so much more than train dogs; that you were actually going to change people’s lives?? You have certainly done so for me.
My boxer, JJ, is the love of my life. That said, the same creature that brought so much love and joy to my life also brought a great deal of frustration and exhaustion. At times, I felt like a prisoner to him and his behavior. He didn’t listen to me, and I almost sensed him laughing at me during my attempts to correct him. Jumping on the counter, chewing on everything BUT his toys, dragging me during walks, these were all part of our daily routine. But worse than all these things combined was JJ’s tendency to aggressively jump on anyone who came in his path, stranger or not. Not only was it embarrassing, but it forced me to avoid people on our walks and fear inviting people into my home. I couldn’t take him to a park or a sociable…

- Amanda & JJ Read the Rest
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