Off Leash Dog Training® Group Lessons/ Meet Up Guidelines

Unlike chain pet stores, the purpose for our dog training Group Lessons/ Meet-Ups is to work on advanced obedience with our dogs in real life situations.

Since we work on harder issues, although non-Qualifieds can observe, to participate in Off Leash Dog Training™ Group Lessons you and your dog(s) must “Qualify” first.


You are now “Qualified” and ready to take your fun with your dog to the next level.

But What does THAT  mean?

In our  Train as You live® system “Qualified” means you have demonstrated that you are in control of your dog in “some” distracting situations, and are ready to integrate other dogs, and higher level of real world distractions.

Now comes the more challenging AND more rewarding part of your training.  Group Lessons/Meet-Ups ( 1 year included in Off Leash Dog Training Ultimate Training and JumpStart™)

Following are the guidelines are here to maximize everyone’s gain in their dog training journey.

(By Participating on your first Group Lesson You are acknowledging to have read and understood this post)

♦    The power of group lesson is “The group.” If there are less than 3 clients RSVPed 48hrs. prior to the Group Lessons/ Meet-Ups, we will cancel that session.  NOTE: Group lessons do not meet on Bad weather and/or National Holidays. The most accurate calendar is located on our Facebook Events page.

♦    You must RSVP via our Facebook Clients Only Group or email Off Leash Dog Training  Office more than 48 hours before the class to reserve your place in the group session.  If you attend without registering, you may be asked to observe (rather than participate in) the session.

MAXIMUM 14 DOGS ALLOWED:  By limiting the number of dogs in Group Lessons/ Meet-Ups everyone’s experience as well as safety is improved.  At this time Facebook is not capable of limiting the number of attendees.  So we ask our clients to use HONOR System to Self regulate. REMEMBER: If you attend without registering, you may be asked to observe (rather than participate in) the session.

♦    In order for our Group Lessons/ Meet-Ups to run smoothly, owners and dogs must be prepared.  If you are using a remote collar please make sure its fully charged, and your dog understands/perform all commands taught during the “First Phase”  of the “Ultimate Training Package.”  Clients who are unprepared, will be welcome to observe, but may not participate.

♦    Before starting the training, all dogs must be on-leash, and dogs deemed people- or dog-aggressive must be wearing a well-fitted muzzle. Mesh muzzles are not acceptable.

♦    We want all members of our Group Lessons/ Meet-Ups to be safe and comfortable at all times.  New dogs and owners will be methodically integrated into the group.  Do not allow your dog to approach newcomers either on- or off-leash until the trainer has indicated that it is safe to do so, since this can be intimidating and dangerous.  If you are a late comer wait until you are OKed to get in.

♦   With respect to the “Play/Free Time”, please watch your dog and keep him/her away from bystanders, dogs that are new and not off-leash or not comfortable enough to join in.  You are responsible for your dog at all times, so please monitor your dog’s behavior.

♦    For safety reasons, during outdoor sessions, children, dogs, and other adults not participating directly in the class are not allowed on or near the training field.  All children under ten years of age must be directly supervised by an adult not participating in the session. Children must NEVER approach any dog without permission of the trainer or the owner.

Not all dogs are comfortable around children, which may lead to unpredictable behavior.  When classes are held indoors, and due to space constraints, non-participants may not attend.  Please note that this does not apply to a child over the age of ten who is directly handling a dog, or couples alternating sessions.

♦    Owners who have more than one dog enrolled should decide before arriving, which dog will be worked during that particular session, unless there are two handlers. You may also choose to split the session and work each dog separately, but one handler may not work two dogs simultaneously, since this creates confusion for both dogs.  If you plan to work only one dog that day, it is best to leave the other at home.  You may choose to bring a second dog along, but he/she must remain either inside your vehicle or away from the training area, on-leash, and under the direct supervision of another adult or older child who is capable of controlling barking and behavior.

Looking forward to seeing you at our group lessons!