5 Reasons to Get Puppy Training

Adding a new addition to your family is quite exciting; however, with all of the excitement that comes with owning a puppy, comes a lot of responsibility too. At Off Leash Dog Training, we believe in the importance of a strong human-dog companionship. Our programs focus on immersing your puppy into your everyday, family life! Training your puppy at a young age is important, as it will ensure the very best relationship between you both. Learning rules and commands early on will set the tone as your bond continues to grow. Below are some key reasons why Puppy Training with us is so beneficial!

Name Recognition:

One of the first bonding experiences when getting a puppy is naming it! With this, the first training step is to familiarize the puppy with his/her own name. Name recognition is important so that your puppy will know that you are addressing him/her as you teach your commands.


Allowing your pup to socialize with other pets and humans will better prepare them for real-life scenarios. Oftentimes, dogs can be very timid or uncomfortable around strangers or unfamiliar dogs. With our Puppy Training, we will expose your pet to new dogs and human friends daily. This will build their confidence and make them comfortable in various situations.

House Rules:

Establishing house rules is a significant part of our Puppy Training. A new environment means new things to explore for a young puppy, along with a few messes to clean up. There is no harm in initiating a few basic house rules into your puppy’s life to make things easier for you both. We understand the importance of establishing boundaries and rules with a puppy, and that is why housebreaking methods are key in our Puppy Training services. Not only does it ease home-life, but it helps to form a great relationship between you and your puppy.

Impulse Control:

Impulse control goes hand in hand with our “House Rules” portion of Puppy Training. Your pup will want to investigate every new aspect of his/her new home. Exhilaration can cause hyperness and impulsiveness for a young puppy. Simple commands can help your puppy show restraint at appropriate times, while maintaining their energetic and loving nature.

Trust and Respect = Companionship:

Companionship is built on the foundation of trust and respect. Our Puppy Training will aid you in creating a relationship where your puppy will look to you for assurance and guidance. Puppy training will help your pup build trust in you, as well as respect. This bond will result in a strong, confident human-dog relationship.

At Off Leash Dog Training we offer two distinct Puppy Training Packages:

  1. Perfect Puppy JumpStart-  This is a 5-day boarding service where your puppy will learn the ins and outs of being a well-trained pup.
  2. Perfect Puppy Ultimate-  This is where you and your pup will attend four, private one-on-one lessons to learn basic Puppy Training skills.

3 Reasons to Get Dog Training Before the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, your to-do list seems to be endless. This year, one important thing to remember to add to your to-do list, or pre-holiday wish list, is dog training. While the winter season is a time of exhilaration and bliss for you and your family, you’ll want the very best holiday experience for your furry friend as well. Below are three reasons why you should look into dog training before the holidays arrive:

Reason 1: Jumping

When you think about the holiday season, visions of twinkling lights, elegant decor, and a sparkling Christmas tree often come to mind. For dogs that like to jump, this can often cause serious issues, resulting in a fallen tree and broken ornaments. To avoid a holiday catastrophe, and possibly an injured pet, commands like “off” and “sit” help to ensure the safety of your dog, as well as the protection of some of your most treasured decorations. Our dog trainers will work carefully with your canine to assist them in learning the commands and practicing obedience before the merriest time of the year arrives.

Reason 2: Hyper Behavior

The hustle and bustle of this season includes visits from guests and various holiday festivities. It is important that your puppy feels comfortable around the many visitors that might be coming in and out of your home. While some dogs might be extremely friendly, the issue of jumping up on unfamiliar company, or running around the house due to excitement, might arise during this time of year. It is very important that your pet understands commands like “sit”, “place”, and “quiet” to prevent hyper behavior in the home, especially when the mailman comes knocking on your front door to deliver all of your holiday packages!

Reason 3: Counter Surfing and Begging

 The holidays also mean that there will be a multitude of delicious sweets, like gingerbread cookies and homemade pies, as well as carefully prepared dinners for your holiday parties. The last thing you want is for your dog to be circling your guests’ feet underneath the table hoping for them to drop a tasty morsel, or outright begging for a bite of the turkey that you are preparing for your family’s annual feast. While we understand that sometimes you just can’t say no to your own beloved pet, your guests might not be as keen on sharing their holiday treats!

A dog brings so much excitement and happiness into your home, and the holidays should be a joyful time spent with family and friends, and of course… man’s best friend! While it is important for your pooch to understand the difference between the time to sit and stay, and when it’s time to jump and play, it is also beneficial for your dog to be rewarded when he or she listens to your command and obeys. Sign your puppy up for dog training with us at Off Leash Dog Training before the holiday madness kicks in, and don’t forget to fill your pup’s stocking with lots of dog-friendly treats!