3 Ways Dog Training Allows You to Love Your Pet More

At Off Leash, we believe in strengthening the human-dog relationship through our  Train as You Live®  methodology. We know that your pup has great potential, and our training focuses on integrating your dog into your everyday lifestyle and routines. This type of dog training allows for you and your dog to not only bond in a natural setting, but it also establishes confidence and growth within the relationship. A loving and thriving human-dog companionship is our goal at Off Leash, and it is our hope that we can only strengthen the bond between owner and dog through our dog training. Below are three ways that dog training will allow for you to love your pet even more.

Alleviates Stress

Training your furry friends ensures that rules and commands are established right off of the bat, so that your pet is aware of right from wrong, and he or she knows to look to you for guidance and reassurance. Training helps a dog understand boundaries, whether they’re in the home, or in public. This means that you can feel at ease if you have to leave your pet at home alone, or that you feel comfortable and confident that your dog can handle being around strangers or other dogs if you go on a hike or a walk around the neighborhood. Training alleviates the stress that can come with social situations, leaving you with plenty of time to love your pup and live your life!

Builds Trust and Confidence

Trust and confidence are two big results from dog training. Not only will your dog build trust in you and gain confidence in his or herself, but you will also feel the same way. Some of the most solid relationships are built on mutual trust and having confidence in one another; therefore, you should want the same thing for your relationship with your pet. A confident pup is a loving pup, meaning that there will be plenty of snuggles and puppy kisses to go around, and your dog will be more trusting of your friends and the people that you bring into your home as well.

Allows for New Adventures

Lastly, dog training allows for the possibility of many new adventures. If you know that your dog can handle stressful situations, and you’ve established trust and confidence in one another, then there’s not much that can hold you back! One of the best things about owning a dog is exploring together while making new memories. The experiences and memories that you make with your furry friend will be ones that you will cherish for a lifetime!

The Best Dog Trainers in Charlotte

The Off Leash Experience

At Off Leash, we have a wonderful team of dog trainers who have an immense love for dogs, as well as a strong passion for improving the human-dog relationship. Our dog trainers work closely with you and your pup while abiding by the Train as You Live® concept in order to teach your dog how to obey and respect your rules, while keeping their energetic and playful personality. Get to know our wonderful Off Leash team, and meet the best dog trainers in Charlotte, NC!

Meet our Team of Dog Trainers

Hi, I’m Brittany! I’m originally from Nova Scotia, Canada but I grew up in New Hampshire. I came down to North Carolina in 2007 to attend UNC Charlotte, and apart from a brief time back in Canada, have lived here ever since! I joined the Off Leash family as a customer in 2009 with my first dog, Lambeau. He was an Australian Cattle Dog/Pug mix with a mind of his own! Although he LOVED to cuddle, he also desperately needed training. Within a few lessons, he was completely off leash playing disc golf with me daily! Training made ALL the difference in his behavior, and allowed our relationship to be much more enjoyable. At Off Leash, I am a dog and people trainer. I do demos, train dogs in people’s homes, and I  work with the Jumpstart doggies. Coming from the customer side of things, I know how desperate people feel when signing up for training. We all love our dogs, but sometimes it’s hard to love a dog who causes so much stress. Everyone typically has a little bit of doubt whether their dog could be trained, and I LOVE seeing the switch in their heads when that doubt vanishes! It’s an amazing experience to help dogs reach their potential! Dom (my husband and another Off Leash trainer) and I have an 8 year old Beagle/Boxer mix named Toonie who loves playing with frisbees and snuggling on the couch. We also have a 2 year old Golden Retriever named Goose who is President of the “Let’s Go Play Club,” and is best friends with every single dog that comes through our doors!

My name is Delicia Cushing and was lucky to be born and raised in San Antonio, Texas (and yes, I’m one of those proud Texans)! My husband and I were also Off Leash customers, before I started working for the company. We have three fur-babies of our own, Baily Gray is our Off Leash trained, Pointer mix, Fagon the Dorkie is the oldie but goodie, and sweet Chippy is our Mini-Dachshund. One way to spot me is that I’m the only Dog Trainer with blue hair, and occasionally, I also help with Special Events and Socials! For me, there are so many amazing parts about the training process, but my favorite is being able to meet a new pup almost every day! I’m never quite sure what I’m walking in to each day, but there’s nothing quite like doggy kisses and love! When I’m not working with Off Leash, you can find my husband and me making memories with the fabulous friends we have made along the way! We love the chance to live and love!

My name is Dominic Rivieccio and I’m from Omaha, Nebraska! My girlfriend, now wife, Brittany (another Off Leash trainer) and I have two dogs, Toonie and Goose, and she introduced me to the Off Leash family through her dog Toonie. Living with a trained dog was so fun and enjoyable, it made me want to get into training myself! I enjoy working with the dogs in high distraction areas such as a park or shopping center. I love seeing the dogs so focused on the training, but still having fun! One minute we are practicing the come command, and the next, greeting strangers calmly. We believe in our Train as You Live® philosophy and love training our dogs to be able to go with us anywhere, whether that’s an off leash hike in the woods or shopping together in Home Goods! When I’m not working with Off Leash, my wife and I love to watch movies and hangout with friends. I’ve always been very interested in cars and I recently got an older Pontiac Trans Am as a project car, and I love spending time tinkering on that.

Meet the Team: Our Off Leash Dog Trainers (from left to right), Dominic, Brittany, and Delicia.