Dog Training Exercise: 2 minute Sit

Here at Off Leash Dog Training® the cornerstone of our Dog Training philosophy is  Train as you live®. What that means is Human/Dog relationship is an ongoing exchange of information rather than human occasionally barks orders at his dog.

The Exercise: This Dog Training Exercise is called “2 Minute Sit”

The Purpose: is to teach your dog to sit while You the owner are doing some other activity independent of  your dog. This will teach your dog to Sit and remain calm without needing to be constantly supervised and praised.

Troubleshooting If you are new or have never done this exercise before, it’s unlikely your dog will be able to maintain a 2 minute sit right away.  First Get a starting point: Sit your dog and time it to see how long s/he sits naturally (No correction at the moment) So ifs/he breaks the command 5 sec. 19 sec. Doesn’t matter. Just get a natural normal time for your dog. This is your starting point for this dog training exercise.  Next is to keep increasing the time (about 15% at a time) until reaching 2 minutes mark.