Dog Training Exercise: Auto Sit

Charlotte is a great city for dog training. We have great weather and lots of places to take our dogs with us.  Here at Off Leash Dog Training® the cornerstone of our Dog Training philosophy is  Train as you live®. What that means is Human/Dog relationship is an ongoing exchange of information rather than human occasionally barks orders at his dog.

The Exercise: Auto Sit

Purpose: It conditions your dog to not rush thru your walks.  And while you’re walking your dog if you want to stop for whatever reason (talk to a neighbor, smell the roses, tie your shoe)  Your dog knows what to do.

Training: Start by walking your dog (on leash).  Next add regular Stops to your walk  (start with every 5th step) As soon as you stop give “Sit” command. After about 7th or 8th time your dog will begin guessing your command and will offer Sit. Praise BIG and celebrate… Then drop the command and praise the Auto-Sit

Success Indicator: While you are walking with your dog (on a leash) Your dog sits every time you stop.