How to introduce an e-collar to your dog without causing fear and pain

“When you’re putting on a shirt,  if the first button is wrong…. rest of them will be wrong also.”

With the invention of vibrating collars and e-collars with “low stim” controls  the use of e-collars for dog training  is now more popular AND more humane than ever before…..

BUT!  study after study repeats  The Key Indicator for Success with the use of e-collars for training a dog is  “Properly Trained Human” PERIOD !

Here at Off Leash Dog Training our claim to fame is : We help our clients’ dogs become  great members of their families while keeping their personality.  Visit our Testimonials Page to Read More… And we do this by properly introducing the new tool to our dog in a non-threatening and non-painful way.  Here is a Video