Off Leash Dog Training Group Lessons: Pineville

Off Leash Dog Training Pineville

Our Pineville Group Lessons are held at Social Pet Hotel.

Second Phase of your Train as You Live ® method is more advanced Group Training .

Pineville Groups offer  the best setting for beginners’ to practice Train as You Live® with new distractions.

Read Group Lesson Guidelines Here.

Here is the latest Off Leash Dog Training Group Lesson schedule.

Pineville Dog Training Groups

Type: Controlled Outdoor Area. Beginners

Rules: Min 3 dogs, Max 14 Dogs, Does not meet below freezing, Above 90, No National Holidays.

Distractions: Controlled distractions, Other dogs, Other newbies, Cars,

What to work on: Adding distractions. Meeting other dogs, Placing on new objects, Staying on commands longer, cleaning up obedience

Always follow local leash laws.

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