Trained Dogs For Sale

Are you looking for your next best dog? We can help! We work with many rescue organizations as well as breeders to help you find the perfect match for your family. Just think, you will take home a well behaved pup, trained completely off leash. Don’t worry we will teach you some things too.

When you take home your new dog, she will come (and stay) when you call her name. Now who can say that when bringing home a new pup?? She will reliably: come when called, sit on command, wait at the door, walk at heel without pulling on the leash, place on many elevated areas, and most importantly you will have off leash control around distractions.

With this program you can also add private lessons and group classes for one year.

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Charlotte, NC + 30 miles

If you are unsure which program will best address the challenges you are having with your dog, please feel free to call and schedule a FREE Off Leash Demonstration.