Video Testimonials

NASCAR Prodigy Dylan Kwasniewski. Off Leash DogTraining™ Client

When Dylan Kwasniewski came to Off Leash Dog Training™ He told us he wants Ziggy with him. On race track, on the set of his show, and all the media things that are required from a Champ. Now he can!

Taking Back Sunday lead singer Adam Lazzara talks about his results

Taking Back Sunday lead singe Adam Lazzara’s dog HiFi was running away, would bolt out the door, pulled on the leash and walks were nightmare. This video was recorded the day Adam picked up HiFi after graduating.

Our unmanagable Rescue dog Bartley went from annoying to everyones favorite dog

Bartley was unmanagable rescue dog. He jumped on people, barked all the time, pulled on leash. Now you can see how much he and his family enjoy each other.

“If I had a gun I’d kill him”… Now after the training I adore this little man.

Before sending George to our Perfect Puppy Preschool™ training Crystin says “If I had a gun I could kill him!”. After his week with us George no longer nipped, he is a total sweetie.

I rescued this Pitbull, then she almost killed my other dog. Now she is the best dog ever

After Jeff pulled Gracie from the death row & gave her a safe home he discovered Gracie was severely dog aggressive. Almost killing his other dog. Now look at her just relaxing by her very happy owner.

My wife had to have a shoulder surgery because my dog was pulling so hard.

Jessie was a strong dog that was also a “Puller”. So much so David’s wife had to have a shoulder surgery to repair the damage caused by her dog pulling on leash all the time. This video was shot on a break during a Group Class.

110lb Cain Corso goes from aggresive to sweet heart in 10 days

Trooper Marino rescued Karma. She was 110lbs, Powerful & Aggressive! . This video was recorded 1 year after Karma completed her JumpStart™ Training.

My Vizsla’s nick name was Diablo. Now He’s my best friend

Bryan’s Vizsla Diego was known as “Diablo” by people who met him. Now Bryan takes Diego on hikes,camping, swimming, and many outdoor activities that were not possible before.

If it had wheels My Schanuzer chased it. Now he sits calmly and watches.

Gus was a “Chaser”. If it had tires Gus chased it….. Cars, bikes, motorcycles, UPS trucks etc etc. This was NOT safe given he lived next to a busy street. We shot this video a few months after he graduate from training.

My Pitbull was barking, attacking other dogs, now she enjoys other dogs. a MIRACLE!

Off Leash Dog Training client Moses Blue is giving his video testimonial for his dog Bailey the Pitbull.

Urban The Ausie was NUTS! This is what her owner wants to share with you.

When Cheryl came to Off Leash Dog Training® for her Ausie Urban. He was nuts. After graduating from Ultimate Off LeashTraining™ this is what she wanted to share with you.

He was a Wild Animal!.. They are NOT charging enough

When Raphie The Ausie bolted out the door and was running around next to busy street his family called us.  After their first lesson Raphie (Raphael) have stopped bolting out even if the door was wide open. Now they are able to take him wherever they go without any worry.

Teddy The Pitbull was rescued. Didn't know anything. Now a dream boy

by the time his owners called Off Leash Dog Training, “abused” Teddy the pit bull had already ran away and got hit by a car. He didn’t trust his owners, he didn’t want to listen to them. And now he is the dream dog.

My rescued street dog that has never been on a leash. Now She is the best dog ever.

Off Leash Dog Training.com is a different kind of dog training company. We are a community of people who love their dogs and want to spend quality time with them. One of the great benefits to our customers is The Group Hikes. Here is a quick video taken during a hike.

I almost got rid of her. Now I Love her. Wouldn’t trade her for anything.

Before we trained Dixie the 2y/o The Ausie has not bitten anyone since, after just 3 lessons. Here is Erin.

My dog is Aggressive! She bit 7-8 people, Now she is a sweet heart

Silvie has bitten 7-8 people. She has tried to bite Turk during the initial consultation. The aggression did not fit well with her owners social life. As a traveling nurse her owner needed Silvie to be a dog that can travel with her.

I wanted to get rid of my Weim puppy. Now she is part of our family

Laiden the Weim puppy was “Just too much!”, Jumping, biting, barking, stealing food. This is Jerry the day he got her dog back from Perfect Puppy Preschool™

Crazy Golden that could not be left alone. Now she is the best dog.

Macy was a “Nightmare” Golden. She was a counter surfing master eating whatever she could reach, jumping on everyone all the time. This video is recorded after 1 week JumpStart™ training

My 2 dogs were “Running the show” at my house. I now reclaimed my home

When Janet reached out to us Ford & Jasper were pretty much out of control. Doing whatever they wanted whenever, and whoever with. Not anymore.

My dog terrorized my kids, dug up my irrigation system. She was a NIGHTMARE

When Julie and her family reached out to us Bailey was pretty much out of control. Digging, running away, biting kids,

My new rescue dog was torturing my old cat. She now loves her

Off Leash Dog Training.com is a different kind of dog training company. We are a community of people who love their dogs off leash and we want to spend quality time with them.