Ultimate Off Leash Dog Training

After your training, you will be able to take your dog with you wherever you go. The Ultimate Off Leash Dog Training Program is a two-phase dog training approach where you and your family are part of the training process.

We cover all parts of your human-dog relationship.

Gracie the Pitbull was going to be killed in a shelter when her new owner Jeff rescued her. Then he realized she was very dog aggressive. So much so she almost killed one of his other dogs. After training with Off Leash Dog Training in Charlotte, Gracie has a new life and Jeff has an awesome dog.

By the time you complete the first phase, you will confidently have your dog off leash in any situation and around any distractions.

During the first phase of your private, 1-on-1 training, you will learn the basics of Off Leash control (i.e. dog body language, dog psychology, tools of communicating, etc.)

The second phase of training will take place in our group classes where you will work on “advanced” distractions.  This phase will help you confidently control your dog around many other dogs; it is also a great opportunity to allow your dog that much-needed socialization and playtime they have earned. If you enjoy learning how to enhance your dog’s abilities and find training your dog fun, then this program is an excellent fit for you and your pack.

Off Leash Dog Training® customers in Charlotte enjoy meet-ups and dog training lessons around different places they enjoy; outdoor venues, dog-friendly restaurants, greenways, parks, and breweries.

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If you are unsure which program will best address the challenges you are having with your dog, please feel free to call and schedule a FREE Off Leash Demonstration.