Your Dog is Made for Adventure,
Not a Short Leash.

Our Charlotte dog trainers give freedom to dogs and families through our custom Train as You Live® programs. Start exploring today!

The First Step to Freedom is a Free Training Consultation.

We’re In The Business Of
Training & Loving Dogs.

Our motto is “Our Dogs Are Family,” because we treat your dogs like our own.

Off Leash Dog Training provides custom dog training in Charlotte, NC. Our team includes a group of talented dog trainers and two dog-loving owners based in Charlotte. We realize how critical it is for dog owners and their dogs to have confidence in one another and we’re in this business to give both of you a new sense of freedom. Our programs include a mix of in-home consultation, immersion training camps, private lessons and group lessons.

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I Want To Take My Dog Hiking To Freedom Park To The Brewery Boating On Lake Norman Everywher 
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The Best People Are Dog People.
That's Why We Founded

The Red Bucket Club is a group of dog-friendly businesses in the greater Charlotte area. After all, after training with us, you’ll have new places to explore! 

We suggest starting at our community #redbucketclub partners.

The First Step to Freedom is a
Free Training Consultation.