Dog Training Services

We offer several dog training programs customized for your dog’s individual personality and your family’s unique goals. After your initial in-home consultation, our trainers will recommend one of our customized dog training services to meet both your and your dog’s needs.

Prices range from $999 to $3199

What Is Our Train As You Live® Method?

The Train as you Live® method looks at the whole life of the family unit to figure out needed behaviors for the dog. A family with 5 children that enjoys camping or boating likely would need a different set of behaviors than someone who lives on 10th-floor studio apartment alone with her dog. By first concentrating on your unique goals, we can then develop a list of useful, custom commands for your family. Our Train as you Live® was created to be part of healthy, everyday life with your dog, well after training.

This method looks at the human-dog relationship not as Alpha/Beta, but as two species co-existing with each other where they each understand and accept the other’s needs. By first concentrating your unique goals and studying your dog’s individual personality, we can then develop a list of useful, custom commands for your entire family.

What can you do after we Train As You Live®?

Our Training Packages:
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Adult Dog Training Packages

Ready to experience more adventures (and less stress) with your adult dog? Schedule a free in-home dog training consultation with our trainers and we’ll recommend one of our two programs to teach your dog a well-behaved way of living!

All-Inclusive Jumpstart
Immersion Camp

Busy pet owners unite. This ten day program combines an overnight training camp with 1-on-1 owner training to make the most out of your time before moving into group lessons.

Ultimate Off Leash
Training School Lessons

Hands-on pet owners, this one’s for you. This 1-on-1 dog training starts with private lessons and moves into group lessons.

Some commands your dogs will learn are: come, sit, place, and heel until released

The First Step to Freedom is a
Free Training Consultation.
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Puppy Preschool Lessons

Feeling crated after getting a new puppy? Schedule a free in-home consultation with our trainers and we’ll recommend a program to get your puppy primed for a happy life by your side!

Preschool Lessons

We offer in-home puppy lessons to allow you to be part of your puppy’s training from the start. These lessons are designed to lay the foundation for your pup to be part of the family, and get a head start on any adult training package.

Some accomplishments your puppy will be able to put on the fridge are: socialization with other dogs, understanding house rules, marker training, confidence building, impulse control, attention getting and learning the benefits of NOT jumping on people (and things) through game play.

How It Works:

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Book your free in-home consultation.

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During the 45-minute consult, our trainers will assess the dog and family’s needs.

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A trainer will recommend a custom program for your dog.

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Book your first lesson!


You and your super-dog will complete their training program.

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Experience brand new freedom with your dog!

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Become part of our family fur-ever!