Puppy Preschool Lessons

Feeling crated after getting a new puppy? Schedule a free in-home consultation with our trainers and we’ll recommend a program to get your puppy primed for a happy life by your side!

$150 per lesson for puppies up to 5 months old

Perfect Puppy
Jumpstart Training

Endless energy and chewed up shoes, oh my. Our 5-day Charlotte puppy training camp addresses common, problematic puppy behavior while still letting your new baby be the lively little one they are.

Preschool Lessons

We offer in-home puppy lessons that allow you to be part of your puppy’s training from the start. These lessons are designed to lay the foundation for your pup to be part of the family, and get a head start on any adult training package.

Some accomplishments your puppy will be able to put on the fridge are: 

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