We’re a group of locally-owned, dog-loving and dog-training professionals.

One of the requirements on any Off Leash Dog Training application is “must love dogs.” Meet our local trainers, owners and team members - all proud dog owners who will train and love your dogs like family.

Meet Kay

Train as You Live® Certified

Hi, I’m Kay. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the bond between humans and dogs. I grew up in Storrs, Connecticut surrounded by big dogs (German Shepherds, then Golden Retrievers) we gave human names to (Joe, Scott, Jesse, and Nick).

After obtaining bachelor’s degrees in communication sciences, sociology, and psychology at the University of Connecticut in 2012, I rescued Charlie and Reign (a year later) and worked professionally in marketing. In my free time, I digested tons of dog training content, and practiced my newfound knowledge on Charlie and Reign, who taught me so much more than I ever taught them. Throughout the next few years, I dove head first into establishing a bond with my dogs in which I could communicate with them easily, and we could enjoy walks, rollerblading, hiking, restaurant patio meals, dinner parties, and lazy days on the couch.

I moved to Charlotte in 2016 in pursuit of warm weather and better career opportunities and fell in love with this dog-friendly city.

Throughout the years, I’ve heard countless versions of “I wish my dog could do that!” and it breaks my heart that people are settling for dysfunctional relationships with stressed out dogs because they think they can’t do it, or they think their dogs can’t do it. With the right knowledge and communication tools, I knew all of these people could lead more fulfilling, happier lives with their dogs, and I desperately wanted to help them do just that.

After discovering Off Leash Dog Training in 2019, I felt at home with their Train as You Live® philosophy and methodology, and joined the team. I am so thrilled to continue to build my knowledge and skills with this company, while I help people discover what’s possible with their dogs.

When I’m not doing dog-related things, I’m in pursuit of a delicious meal, or attending/co-producing stand-up shows with my partner, Brian, who is a comedian.

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