3 Common Puppy Problems Training Can Help With

At Off Leash, we understand the importance of training your dog at a young age so that a firm set of rules and boundaries can be established in order for your relationship with your puppy to flourish. Below are three common puppy problems that come with being a new pet parent, and how puppy training classes can help those problems be resolved.

Mouthiness and Nipping

If you have owned a puppy before, then you know that nipping and mouthiness are one of the most common puppy problems an owner has to address. Issues like this often arise during playtime, especially when a puppy gets overly excited. Most puppies are used to playing and rough housing with their brothers and sisters, and they are unaware of how sharp their little teeth actually are, so when biting occurs, it is important to stop the behavior early on. Many people often think that a puppy’s biting habits are due to teething; however, it’s actually the beginning of disrespectful behavior. Puppy training helps a puppy understand that biting is for toys, instead of an easy way to get their owner’s attention.  

Overstepping Boundaries

New puppies are going to push boundaries and explore every possible nook and cranny in your home. While it is very natural for a young dog to be curious, it is not always ideal for a puppy to have free rein in the home. Training your puppy to respect boundaries and to introduce commands like “off” and “place” are very crucial in order to ensure that your pup doesn’t get into things that might harm them, or are not safe to explore.

Crate Training and Potty Training

One of the biggest parts of puppy training is crate training and potty training. Crate training your puppy is a great way to provide comfort and stability at night while you are sleeping, or if you are away from the home. Most new puppy parents make the mistake of allowing their puppy to sleep with them so that they feel at ease in their new environment. Instead, this allows the puppy to think that he or she can always sleep with their owner, which makes it much more difficult to crate train your puppy in the long run. Crates are safe spaces for your dog, and it is important to make sure that your puppy feels comfortable and secure in his or her crate. Puppy training is a big part of potty training as well. Establishing a routine helps a puppy understand when he or she can go outside to go to the bathroom, and it also prevents less accidents in the home. While puppy training is certainly an important part of the potty training process, it is important to remember that accidents are inevitable and will still happen.

Training a puppy can be challenging at times, and it certainly takes a lot of hard work and patience; however, the outcome of training your puppy is quite rewarding. Sign your new pup up for Puppy Training with Off Leash for a happier tomorrow, and so that you can see all of the amazing things that your puppy can learn to do!

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