Off Leash Dog Training® Muzzle Policy Update

As our Off Leash Dog Training® community gets bigger (currently we are a community of 3,000+ families) the number of aggressive dogs in our system also grows.

Since we train all breeds and all issues, it’s common for some of our clients to see an aggressive dog for the very first time in their lives during a group lesson…. and that can be scary. In fact life changing (Read about Turk suffering from dog phobia most of his life.)

Here at Off Leash Dog Training® we pride ourselves on always listening to our clients and make the adjustments based on our clients’ feedback fast.  So, today we have updated our Muzzle Policy:

For the safety of all our clients and their dogs,  Off Leash Dog Training requires ALL aggressive dogs (dog aggressive, people aggressive, dog reactive or people reactive dogs)  to be muzzled during all group dog training classes.

If during the group lesson at any time your dog  snarls, bites, lunges at other dogs, please muzzle your dog right away… This is NOT a punishment and should not be viewed as such by you or your dog.  It is a safety measure so you and your dog along with others can continue training.

Our goal of course is for you and your dog to come to more groups and interact more with other dogs and humans.

We recommend Baskerville Ultra muzzles, which can be purchased at Amazon.

Here is a video of one of my good friends Josh aka Barefoot Dog Trainer explaining how to condition your dog to actually like the muzzle.

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