We’re a group of locally-owned, dog-loving and dog-training professionals.

One of the requirements on any Off Leash Dog Training application is “must love dogs.” Meet our local trainers, owners and team members - all proud dog owners who will train and love your dogs like family.

Meet Turk

Turk Akbay is the founder of Off Leash Dog Training and inventor of Train as You Live dog training methodology.

With over 4,000 dogs trained and countless hours working with dogs and their families.

When Turk got his first dog, Djembe, he started looking for a trainer. He was surprised—shocked, actually—that the self-professed “canine experts” had little variance in their training methods. They all relied heavily on basic punishment/reward-based training that was geared more towards making the dog conform to “human rules” rather than trying to create a mutually beneficial pet-owner relationship. What’s more, their training tactics failed to account for any of the dog’s natural tendencies or basic instincts. In essence, the trainers seemed more interested in creating an obedient/robotic dog rather than helping Turk achieve a happy and symbiotic relationship with his new four-legged friend. Turk was convinced he could do better and soon after, Off Leash Dog Training was born. While working day after day training thousands of dogs spanning every imaginable breed, personality type, and behavioral issue, Turk developed the Train as You Live methodology. Train as You Live dog training methodology gives clarity and fun to both the owners and their beloved dogs, allowing for enjoyable walks in the park, off leash hikes in the woods, relaxing hang outs with friends, and sweet snuggles at home.

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