How Our Group Dog Training Classes Work

Dog training becomes extra fun when you qualify to come to the group dog training classes!
You will know you are “qualified” to come to group after you and your dog have been graduated by your trainer, after the private portion of your Ultimate lessons, or when your dog comes back home from the Jumpstart Program! At this point, you and your dog are ready to integrate your training around other dogs and high level of distractions.

Group lessons are a big part of our training program and are a requirement.

If you find yourself thinking, “My dog is doing so well except when he’s SUPER distracted,” then group lessons are for you!

(By participating in your first Group Lesson, You are acknowledging to have read and understood this post)

The Basics:

The Group:  The power of group classes is “The Group.” If there are fewer than 3 clients who have submitted and RSVP 48 hours prior to the Group Lessons/ Meet-Ups, we will cancel that session. It’s always a good idea to watch your email the day of to be aware of any last-minute changes; trainer’s being sick, weather, etc.
RSVP:  You may schedule your Group Lessons here: 

When you schedule, select your trainer. It will then pull up the group lesson for the week and you select that 9am group or 3pm Lowe’s group. It will likely say that there are a certain number of slots available and you click that box.

If you attend without registering, you might miss out on important last-minute updates.
Maximum of 20 Dogs Allowed:  By limiting the number of dogs in Group Lessons/ Meet-Ups we can make sure everyone’s experience is the best, and ensure safety for all involved.  REMEMBER: If you attend without registering, you may be asked to observe (rather than participate in) the session.

Dog Training Safety:

One Dog Per Handler: This ensures safety, and that you and your pup get the very most out of the lesson.
Be Prepared: Make sure you’re ready for dog training. Make sure your dog understands commands, and is able to perform the commands taught during the “First Phase” of the training. If you are unprepared, you’re welcome to observe, but may not participate.
Leash / Muzzle: All dogs must be on-leash, BEFORE the training. Retractable leashes are not allowed. The red/blue leash you received with your “kit” is preferred. If your dog is people or dog-aggressive, he must be wearing a well-fitted muzzle. Mesh muzzles are not acceptable. For further details, please read our muzzle policy.
Arriving Late: New dogs and owners will be methodically integrated into the group. Do not allow your dog to approach newcomers on or off-leash until the trainer has indicated that it is safe to do so. This can be intimidating and dangerous, so please alert the trainer that you are there, and he/she will welcome you in when safe.
Don’t be “That Person”: Playing is the best part of dog training but PLEASE watch your dog.  Have all hands free (no cell phone, coffee, etc.). Keep your dog away from bystanders, dogs that are new to the group, or uncomfortable dogs. You are responsible for your dog at all times, so please monitor your dog’s behavior.
The Family: For safety reasons, children, dogs, and other adults not participating directly in the class are not allowed in the exercises. Children must NEVER approach any dog without the permission of the trainer or the owner. All children under ten years of age must be directly supervised by an adult who is not participating in the session.  Please note that this does not apply to a child over the age of ten who is directly handling a dog or couples alternating sessions.
There are no limits to the number of unusual circumstances that we will face while training our dogs. Please be flexible with us if the “rules” change. Group dog training classes are extremely valuable for your dog and family, but keeping things safe is very important to us, so please respect these guidelines.
We’re looking forward to seeing you at our group lessons!
The Off Leash Dog Training Team

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